“… Our professional staff is dedicated and committed to providing our customers with innovative and individual solutions…”

Ocean freight forwarding and shipping documentation. Full services to major ports locations across the world with timely and cost-effective delivery to destination.

A personalized “Shipment Instruction” convenient guide, allows our customers to follow few simple steps and all logistics solutions will be provided. Available services:

>> Less than a Container Load (LCL).
>> Full Container Load (FCL).
>> Dry and refrigerated options.
>> Cargo insurance.
>> Packing.
>> Documentation.
>> Inland Freight Forwarding.
>> Door to Door.

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U.S. customs broker services to our clients at all U.S. ports of discharge. In addition to filing AMS and ISF information to U.S. Customs throughout our alliance with expert Custom brokers licensed by the US Customs and Border Protection agency, we ensure the cargo is cleared in an appropriate manner. We assist importers and provide them with duty rates for their calculations.

Same duty rates will always apply to the same product, no matter what port of entry our customers use. We make long-term costs easy to determine. Our experienced agents can help our customers through this often complex process.

>> Import customs clearance
>> HTSUS classification
>> Rate of duty
>> Importer Security Filing ISF (10+2)
>> Fully bonded Container Freight station (CFS)

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Located in Tampa Bay, we offer temperature controlled freezer, cooler and dry spaces with warehousing and distribution services.

Businesses looking for a convenient customs-made logistics can find all their solutions with us. Businesses looking to expand into new markets within the USA can also benefit greatly from our warehousing services with local expertise. We also provide status information for any cargo stored in our warehouse.

>> Freezer, cooler, and dry storage with warehousing and distribution services.
>> Export consolidation based on our costumers needs.
>> Crating / Repacking / Labeling
>> US Customs Bonded.
>> Quality control.

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Cost – effective cargo insurance. Our mission is to protect the interests of our customers; the cargo insurance is an essential value to get a complete service. We provide cargo and container insurance with competitive rates for shipping via ocean or air. We know the importance and value of the shipments we are handling; we offer insurance cargo to cover shipment of our customers at their request.

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First class licensed container freight stations (CFS) services, focused on loading and devanning international shipping containers strategically located in United States and around the world.

The cargos of our customers are handled with care and attention to detail in a fast and professionally manner.

>> Bonded CFS Facilities.
>> Export consolidation.
>> Import Devanning.
>> Container Drayage.

shipment tampa m&j

Import and export processes can be unfamiliar for some customers. As a result, shipping procedures, documentation, and many other roles involved in the movement of products from their country of origin to their destination can be complex.

Our specialists in international business with many years of experience in Foreign Trade practices, logistics plans and policies get great achievements by reducing logistic costs average for customers through the guidance and by creating customized analysis of costs for related documentation and operational fees. We offer a high level of customer service to build the whole supply chain of each costumer.

We can assist our costumer by developing their new sales expansion, passing through all export costs and preparing the export price structure.

We can work closely with the sales or purchasing team to assure that all is according to their schedule.

shipment tampa m&j